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For many of us, a workout schedule is a moving target when you have kids. If you want to work out but have kids in tow, check out our Wild Kids child care, specifically for our members. Wild Kids is a safe and fun environment for your child where all staff are trained in CPR. Child care is free to all WRF members for their children or grandchildren ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. All other children will require a payment of $5.00 at member services before being admitted to Wild Kids child care. Wild Kids is available during your workout up to two hours a day.

Wild Kids Childcare is a free service offered to WRF members during their workout. Learn more about this service, its hours and availability below. As we continue to reopen our services, please check back for updates to our childcare page.

With the health and safety of our members, staff and community as our top priority, the recent increases in COVID-19 in the state of Wisconsin, along with Governor’s orders for businesses, we have decided to temporarily close the fitness center until further notice. This includes general facility access, classes, and childcare. We appreciate your patience, understanding and support as we navigate this pandemic together.

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*Other Important Information

Childcare is first come, first serve. Signups over the phone are preferred as members will know what the availability is before bringing their child in, but members can also bring children to childcare without reserving ahead of time only if we are under our child capacity maximum. The maximum number of kids allow at any given time in our childcare space for the first phase is 6.

Parents can only reserve 1 hours-worth of childcare at one time. They can check back in with us and reserve another hour, but the maximum for childcare is 2 hours/day/child/family to ensure that other families can utilize the service.

All other rules that we’ve had historically in place still apply, such as requiring that parents stay on the OMC campus (WRF, fitness trail, sport court) and must be reachable by phone in case symptoms arise or if there are bathroom needs.

All screening protocols will be in place, which includes the temperature screen (must be less than 100.4 Deg. F) upon entering our facility, along with asking symptom-related questions. There will be a hand washing/sanitizing station that must be used by anyone entering/leaving the childcare area; this includes the kids themselves and families.


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