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Do you remember the adventures, experiences and good old summertime fun you had at camp? Wild River Fitness wants to give more kids that opportunity with a Summer Camp Scholarship.

With the support of generous giveBIG donors, we can now offer one week of Summer Camp free to children ages 7-13 years old who qualify for our Summer Camp Scholarship. The scholarship program is intended to be used by children who wouldn’t normally attend summer camp.

If you are interested in having your child(ren) attend one week of Summer Camp for free or at a reduced cost, please fill out the application form. Your information will be kept confidential. There are limited spots available, so please return your application as soon as possible.

Apply Today

Print the WRF Kats giveBIG Scholarship application and complete.

Scholarship Guidelines

Number of persons in family Income Guideline 150%
2 $16,910 $25,365
3 $21,330 $31,995
4 $25,750 $38,625
5 $30,170 $45,255
6 $34,590 $51,885
Discount Given 100% 50%
Weekly Cost per Child $0 $80

WRF's Wild Kats Summer Camp scholarships were made possible by the generosity of those WRF ’s Pennies Per Rep campaignOsceola Community Health Foundationduring giveBIG St. Croix Valley

Friends of WRF

Thank you sponsors for helping us build a healthier community. Contact us today to become a friend of WRF.

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