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Do you remember the adventures, experiences and good old summertime fun you had at camp? This year, Wild River Fitness wants to give more kids that opportunity with one free week of Summer Camp. The scholarship program is intended to be used by children (ages 7-13) that wouldn’t normally attend summer camp. If your family is interested, complete the application process in two steps by June 16, 2018. You will be notified by phone and email if you are chosen.

Step 1

Complete the application packet, with 2 forms of income verification such as:

  • One month's worth of pay stubs for all adults in the household;
  • copy of current bank statement;
  • If unemployed, a copy of your unemployment benefits may be used;
  • copies of your government issued Social Security, SSI or disability benefits; or
  • Explanation of current retirement income.

Step 2

Turn in completed application packet to member services staff at Wild River Fitness by June 16, 2018. Wild River Fitness Program Coordinator will contact you by telephone and email to let you know if your child is accepted.


WRF's Wild Kats Summer Camp scholarships were made possible by the generosity of those WRF ’s Pennies Per Rep campaignOsceola Community Health Foundationduring giveBIG St. Croix Valley

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