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Katie W.

Katie W., Fitness Instructor


Group Cycling


NETA Indoor Cycling
NETA Foundations of Yoga and HIIT Yoga
NETA Medicine Ball Training
CPR Instructor

Fitness Experiences

Katie has been competing in running events since college and has kept the adventure going with several full and half marathons. Within the past couple of years, she has started running 50k’s, trail runs, as well as participating in Mountain Biking events. Katie enjoys the journey along the way and how each adventure shifts her focus to be in the present moment.

Success Story

Katie has found that fitness in her life has been about creating a lifestyle from the inside out, making mental and physical health a priority, and being surrounded by people that do the same. It truly is a lifelong commitment and one that will always be an adventure. “As an instructor, I get to witness participants’ hard work and focus pay off as they add adventures to their own lives,” Katie said. “It is exciting to be a part of their journey.”

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