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Nicole Smith, MD

“I want to help patients lead the longest, happiest and healthiest lives they can, with grace and dignity.”

Specialty: Family Medicine

Professional Interests & Specializations:
- Women’s Health and Obstetrical care
- Well child care
- Diabetes
- Geriatrics
- Preventive health

About Me

Length of time at OMC:
Before coming to OMC in 2014, I worked in Urgent Care for HealthPartners Clinic in Hugo, MN. Since 2006, I’ve been a physician in the Minnesota Army National Guard.

Why do you like working at OMC?
I enjoy working at Osceola Medical Center for the people, the community and the organization. OMC is an independent organization whose values reflect the people and the community. I work with an amazing, compassionate group of experts. Also, Osceola and Scandia are beautiful, vibrant rural communities.

What is your philosophy of care?
I love people. I love to hear their stories. I love to teach and to coach…so consider me a life coach. My goal in life is to help my patients lead the longest, happiest, healthiest lives they can with grace and dignity. I have spent more than a decade learning the inner workings of the human body, how to fix it when it breaks, and how to prevent illness, so that I can be there at that crucial moment, whether it be the birth of a child, the moment someone decides to lose twenty pounds, a frightening new diagnosis, or moving a loved one to a nursing home. I am nosey, nerdy, and a little bossy (just ask my family). For me, the art of medicine is about the longitudinal relationship I have with my patients and their families, and I am there for every step along the way, which is why I chose family medicine. I also love the science, so be prepared to learn something every time you come in.

What do you like to do when you’re not at OMC?
My husband and I currently live in Scandia, MN with our sons and two dogs named Greta and Quincy. I enjoy reading, gardening (flowers, not vegetables yet), crocheting, theater, traveling, and all things Scottish including kilts and haggis.

Fun Fact about me:
I have been performing with my dad at the Renaissance Festival since 1986 and went through their acting academy at Macalester College at the age of seven.

Education & Training

- Mount Mercy College: Cedar Rapids, IA: B.S. Biology and Chemistry
- University of Minnesota Medical School: M.D. (2010)

- Mountain Iron and Hibbing, MN: Rural Physician Associate Program (2010)
- University of Minnesota St. Joseph’s Hospital: St. Paul, MN: Family Medicine Residency (2010-2013)

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Dr. Smith is accepting new patients at Osceola Medical Center and Scandia Clinic. Call 715-294-2111 or log into the Patient Portal to schedule your visit.

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