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Occupational Health

Occupational health programs offer our area businesses and industries an avenue of preventive care for employees. With these programs, employers work to ensure high standards of health and safety for employees in the work place. Activities can range from safety equipment and processes, to regular flu shots and workplace stretching.

Osceola Medical Center’s Occupational Health Department helps foster safe work environments by:

  • Analyzing job tasks and identifying the potential hazards in those tasks
  • Managing those hazards to avoid risks
  • Educating employees as to potential risks and how to avoid them
  • Monitoring overall employee health
  • Overseeing rehabilitation of injured employees
  • Returning employees back to the work community, even if in a limited capacity
  • Maintaining an awareness of safe and healthy work practices

Preventive occupational health measures can be every bit as beneficial to your business as maintenance of your other assets. For more information on our occupational health programs, call us at 715-294-4538.

Occupational Health Hours

Monday - Friday
7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We offer a full service drug and alcohol program that is compliant with DOT regulations, along with Non-DOT testing programs for employers. Collection services for both DOT and Non-DOT, Evidential Breath Test (EBT) for DOT alcohol testing, Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT).

OMC's Occupational Health Department has health and wellness programs designed to keep your staff healthy short and long-term.

OMC's Occupational Health Department has Immunization Services to keep your employees healthy all year long.

Determine whether an employees is fit for the job prior to hiring or an injury employee can come back to work.

From lab to x-rays and everything in between, OMC's Occupational Health Department offers medical screenings to your employees.

Influenza, commonly known as “the flu,” is a contagious respiratory infection that occurs most commonly over the winter months. Protect your workforce from the flu with an on-site flu shot clinic for employees and their families.

Whether it's day or night, Occupational Health has services available to diagnose and treat any employee with injuries.

Video Visits: From our Home to Yours

To help keep our patients safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be using video visits whenever possible to meet your healthcare needs. If you receive a prescription at the end of your virtual visit, it can be sent directly to a pharmacy most convenient for you. Your provider will help to determine when an in-person visit would be best.

Our video visits are safe, fast, affordable and convenient. To schedule your next visit, call us at 715-294-2111 today.

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