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We’ve added a new opportunity for wellness and fitness in our area. Osceola Medical Center and Wild River Fitness have created the Royal Credit Union Sport Court available for our community. Located right on our campus, the Royal Credit Union Sport Court is a versatile, multipurpose outdoor facility that offers courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton or Pickle ball, and Shuffle board. Multiple options are available for the whole community.

Reserve the Sport Court

The Royal Credit Union Sport Court is open to the public, based on availability, and can be reserved for private use. For reservations, please complete the necessary forms below.

RCU Sport Court Rental Agreement & Request Form- in PDF
Equipment Request Form- in PDF

Fitness Trail

Wellness and fitness have a huge impact on our health. To help with that, Osceola Medical Center has created a free fitness trail for our community. Located right on our campus, the Jeff Meyer Public Fitness Trail features a half-mile, paved trail with six exercise stations developed by Xccent Companies. This three-season trail offers enough room for leisurely walks, fast-paced walks and running. With our stations, you can also add low-impact exercises with elipitcals, leg presses and more. For a tour of our fitness trail, check out the video:

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