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New senior program helps reduce falls

The Fit2Walk six-week program, hosted by OMC, is designed to reduce you or your loved one’s risk of falling through education and exercise programs.

    Fit2Walk includes:
  • Personalized land and water based exercise programs designed specifically for seniors.
  • Balance and strength assessments.
  • Education and resources that include home ergonomics, walker types and getting up after a fall.

Fit2Walk Program

Wednesdays, Oct. 3 to Nov. 7
12:30-1:30 p.m.
Wild River Fitness (Weeks 3 and 5 at Osceola Aquatic Center)
Cost: $50/participant

Registration Details

Mail in the completed registration form (in PDF), along with payment to Osceola Medical Center’s Rehab Department at P.O. Box 218, Osceola, WI 54020.
OR Call 715-294-1927 to complete the registration over the phone.

Wondering if this program is right for you? Contact our Rehabilitation Department to discuss at 715-294-2111.