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Our campus continues to evolve to help provide you with the fitness and health care opportunities you need. By partnering with community members, organizations and health affiliates, we’ve developed a campus that can provide for your needs at various times of your life, including health, fitness and senior care. We continue to mold our 122-acre campus as we meet your evolving needs.

Designing comfort and customer service into our facility enabled us to link all of our main services right where you’d expect to find them. Just inside the door you’ll conveniently find our clinic, clinic pharmacy and Rehabilitation Services, and separate stations for registration and scheduling, one of many customer improvement features. Our Chapel also opens onto the foyer along with a new gift shop, Prairie Gifts. These and all of the other departments are easily accessible from the main hallway, another customer service feature.

Service, comfort and privacy are key elements to the new facility’s design. It begins with separate stations for registration and scheduling, and continues into larger, comfortable waiting areas, throughout the facility. Beyond that are private rooms in our hospital and complete LDRP rooms in our Birth Center.

Please take a moment to tour our facility with the below photo gallery, then stop in to take a personal tour and meet our friendly staff. You'll be surprised at how beautiful and serene our facility is.

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