Osceola Community Health Foundation

100% of your gift to OCHF will support a health-related need in our community. We invite you to be a partner in our efforts.

Our Partners meet monthly to support the hospital and foundation with fundraising efforts. This includes pop and coffee sales, baked good sales, etc. The partners also help to organize our Love Lights display at Christmas in honor/memory of loved ones. Most recently, the Partners helped raise money for new beds at OMC and healthcare scholarships. For interest in this group, please contact Sara Cutts at 715-294-5757.

Your gift to the Osceola Community Health Foundation will help transform health care for our patients and our communities in St. Croix Valley. Click or call 715-294-5727 today!

Our Family


Click or call 715-294-2111 to get the answers you're looking for.

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