Schedule Appointments

Schedule and cancel annual physicals and well-child checks from your computer or mobile devices.

Check your Symptoms

Check your symptoms and research health topic articles before scheduling your next appointment.

Message Your Care Team

Send and receive messages from your health-care team.

Pay your Bills Online

View and easily pay your Osceola Medical Center bills online.

Save time at the clinic by updating your health history and contact information at home or on your phone.

Self Check-In Instructions

  1. In the appointment reminder email, click "Confirm Appointment" or log into the Patient Portal.
  2. Next, confirm your email address, enter your password, and click "Check In".
    Note: If you can't remember your password, click Forgot your password?
  3. The Appointment Details appears next. Confirm your appointment details, enter any questions for your provider, and click "continue".
  4. Check your contact information and click "Continue".
    Note: If you'd like to receive text message notifications, select Yes under "Would you like to receive text alerts?"
  5. If you have an outstanding account balance, a copay, or both, the Billing Information will appear. Check the boxes for the charges to pay and select your payment method. Click "continue" and a message confirms your payment was received.
    Note: If you select "I have questions about my balance," you can ask your questions at the time of your appointment and pay your balance then.
  6. If the practice has any consent forms for you to sign, the "Consent & Privacy" section appears. Click each form listed on the left to review and update.
    - To sign each form, enter your full name in the signature box at the bottom of the window and click Sign. You can also click "Sign at the Front Desk" if you prefer to sign the form when you arrive for your appointment. After you sign all the forms listed on the left, click continue and a message thanks you for completing online check-in.
  7. If your provider has set up any health history forms for your appointment, they appear as links in the window. Click the links to complete the forms in the Patient Portal.

Note: After completing the Pre-Appointment Self Check-in, you will still need to notify the registration desk when you arrive for your appointment. Pre-Appointment Self Check-in can be completed on a mobile device as well.

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