About Us

Osceola Medical Center is governed by a volunteer board of directors selected from the community. Day-to-day operations are managed by the medical center’s leadership team.

Board Members

Al Hogen, Chairperson
Peter Manship, Vice-chair
Anne Marie Pueschner, Secretary
Amanda Tembreull, MD
Erik Severson, MD
*John Clark
Deborah Peters
Tom Klugow
Tom Hauge, DDS
Tyler Schmidtz
*Matt Forge, Chief Executive Officer
*Rene Milner, MD, Chief Medical Officer

*non-voting member

OMC's Leadership Team

Matt Forge, Chief Executive Officer
Misty Charlier, Clinic Administrative Officerr
Rene Milner, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Rachel Zimmer, Chief Nursing Officer
Amy Erickson, Chief Operations Officer

Our Family


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