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Osceola Medical Center has a rich history of stories from our patients, volunteers, donors and friends. Everyone here at OMC has an ongoing quality commitment to understand, meet and exceed your needs. We value all the feedback you can provide, both positive or otherwise, that will let us know how we are doing.

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Coming up on a year with the Osceola Community Health Foundation, Director Jill Leahy reflects on the Foundation, the transition through the pandemic, successes and challenges, and giving during these tipsy-turvey times.

Aesto Health is committed to protecting the security and privacy of the information we maintain. On May 20, 2022, we began mailing notification letters to some Osceola Medical Center (“OMC”) patients whose information may have been involved in a data security incident that disrupted the operations of some of Aesto Health’s internal IT systems. We received the information in connection with services Aesto Health performed for OMC.

On March 22, 2022, we learned that some OMC patient information was involved in the incident that disrupted some of our IT operations. The incident was first identified on March 8, 2022, and in response, we immediately took steps to secure our systems, initiated an investigation with the assistance of a third-party forensic investigator, and notified law enforcement. The investigation determined that an unauthorized actor obtained access to our systems from December 25, 2021 to March 8, 2022. The investigation also determined that the unauthorized actor copied some files from a back-up storage device on our system, which included OMC radiology reports.

Our review of the files involved in the incident determined they contained the following information for OMC patients: names, dates of birth, physician names, and report findings related to radiology imaging at OMC. The files did not contain Social Security numbers or any financial information.

Importantly, this incident did not occur at OMC. The data systems and medical records maintained at OMC were not affected by this incident and remain secure.

We take this incident very seriously and sincerely regret any concern this may cause. Based on the nature of the information involved in the incident, OMC patients do not need to take further action in response to the incident.

To help prevent something like this from happening again, we have implemented additional safeguards and technical security measures to further protect and monitor our systems. A dedicated call center has been established to answer questions about this incident, which can be reached at (855) 788-2613 Monday through Friday, at 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Time, excluding major U.S. holidays.

photo of three people holding chronic pain kits in the front of osceola medical center's buildingOsceola High School junior Kiera Williamson recently donated chronic pain kits to Osceola Medical Center as a part of the “Why Wait” program at the Osceola High School. From left to right: OMC Specialty Clinic Manager Ben Sackmann, Williamson and OMC Clinic Manager McGee Smith.

For the first time, the annual Healthy Communities Award was presented to two people for their impact on the community, Drs. Tom Hauge, DDS, and Paul Hauge. Tom accepted the award for the both of them at the Osceola Community Health Foundation Fiesta Gala, a reboot of their annual Holiday Gala. Presenting the award is Osceola Medical Center CEO Matt Forge.

Alivia Maki and Paetynn Bliese, Osceola High School students, recently donated low blood sugar kits Wild River Fitness as a part of the “Why Wait” program. From left to right: Osceola Medical Center’s Diabetes Care team Chelsea O’Brien, RDN; Lorri Lutz, RN; Sara Harris, RDN; High School Student Alivia Maki; High School Student Paetynn Bliese; and Fitness Center Manager Sara Cutts.

Wild River Fitness is shining light on diabetes thanks to a donation from Alivia Maki and Paetynn Bliese, Osceola High School students.

This year, Maki and Bliese participated in the “Why Wait?” course at Osceola High School, where participating students help tackle a problem in the world. During the program, these girls focused on raising awareness about type one diabetes by making low blood sugar kits readily available throughout the community. This project hit close to home for Bliese since her father struggles with this disease every day. “I see firsthand the struggles and dangers associated with type one diabetes.” explained Bliese. “Untreated low blood sugar can be dangerous, so our goal was to have a source of glucose nearby for a diabetic emergency.”

Nearly $1,000 was raised, allowing the girls to purchase and restock low blood sugar kits in churches, libraries and gyms throughout the community.

The Osceola Community Health Foundation hosted its annual gala last May 5, rebooted as a spring Fiesta Gala.

With great weather and a great turnout, the Gala is helping Osceola Medical Center improve the health and well-being of our community. Funds this year will help advance our Lab with a new chemical analyzer. With 70 tests offered at OMC – including for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and immune disorders – our Lab is a critical part of our local care. This equipment will allow us to keep our tests in-house and is crucial to providing faster, cost effective results to our patients. Funds are continuing to be raised for this equipment. To donate, go to https://myomc.org/about-omc/my-ochf. Thank you for your help.

Osceola Medical Center has a commitment to the health care needs of our patients and community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our commitment to safe, reliable care has been even more important to us. Because of that, we've been thoughtful and deliberate when updating our services listed below in accordance to local, state and federal agency recommendations.

In June of 2021, volunteers and staff gathered to plant colorful perennials and grasses in a newly landscaped oncology garden located outside the cancer center at Osceola Medical Center. Volunteers and staff, led by Master Gardener Kris Bahr, spent 3 hours planting the garden. Chris lost her husband to cancer recently. Gardening helps her heal and appreciate the beauty in nature. Oncology Manager, Sanci Harshman, shared “This has been a vision of ours for a couple years and our patients deserve it. It is a joy to see this beautiful garden thriving with nature and our patients benefitting from it.”

J&S General Contracting designed and developed the garden. Other donors provided additional funding for the purchase of plants and decorative pieces which will provide a more therapeutic experience for patients during their treatments.

In December of 2021, the foundation also supported the purchase of two vital monitors for oncology patients. It is essential to the care of oncology patients that vital signs are properly monitored during treatments.

If you would like to donate to future needs at the cancer center, please contact Jill Leahy at 715-294-5727.

When tragedy strikes in a small community, people come together and problem solve. OCHF was proud to support a $3000 grant to the Osceola High School Mental Health Matters Club. This grant is for the development of the Bandana Project, an innovative suicide prevention and mental health awareness movement which uses bandanas on backpacks to signify possession of resources and a listening ear for mental health struggles.

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Dr. Nguyen was amazing. He is so friendly. He answered all your questions. He is very professional. I ... first time we've ever seen him, so I would definitely recommend him as a provider. Our experience was nothing but great, the whole time.
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Osceola Clinic - Tony Nguyen, MD
Nicole did a great job on the well child visits. She really encouraged healthy lifestyle, and took time to talk to my daughter and get her feedback, and include her in care.
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Osceola Clinic - Nicole Svihel, PA-C
I was so pleased with how much time the Dr spent going over my medical history. So happy to have found this great Dr.!
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Osceola Clinic - Amanda Tembreull, MD
An excellent facility, a wonderful Clinic, incredible staff and somewhere I will always go back to.
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Walk-In Clinic - Coby Somsen, FNP
Just a very friendly place with a great staff of people from the receptionist to the nurses and the doctor all very professional and very friendly great place!
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Walk-In Clinic - Natalia Cropper, FNP
Both the nurse and doctor were caring and effective in their care of me. They kept the mood light, but confident in dealing with medical condition. Excellent care.
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Erik Severson - Emergency Department

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