Table Talk

Nutrition is an essential part of wellness in our everyday lives and as such, Osceola Medical Center is dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our community. Together with Wild River Fitness, OMC has created Table Talk, a nutrition seminar series that makes it easy and fun to learn how to put nutrition into your lives.

“We started the program to inform the community on how to cook tasty food in a healthier way,” according to Registered Dietitian Chelsea O’Brien, “what it has become is an opportunity to create new habits with the foods available locally that have can have a tremendous impact on our health.”

Table Talk

These seminars are offered monthly during the school year at OMC by Chelsea O’Brien, a registered dietitian, and Bob Whaley, a personal trainer. At each seminar a new topic is discussed, and there is always something for attendees to take home. Past Table Talks have included homemade breads and gourmet pizzas.

Each session includes:
- Hands-on demonstrations;
- Easy, nutritious recipes; and
- Take-home samples.


Want to make fun and healthy food for your family? Find all of our delicious and healthy recipes at http://myomc.org/recipes.

Meet our Table Talk Experts

chelsea webChelsea O’Brien, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

“I am passionate about providing education for incorporating healthy nutrition to individuals to help embrace overall healthy living. Quality nutrition is important to fuel our bodies, and I am fortunate enough to be able to share this information with our community.”

Chelsea has a bachelor's degree in Science in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota, and graduate certification from Iowa State University. She is passionate about helping individuals on their journey to making healthier lifestyle choices by providing current, healthy nutrition information as well as offering support and encouragement for long-term success. In addition to Table Talk, she provides nutritional education through many community events like health seminars at OMC, community health fairs, Get Fit for Life, Wild Kats after school program and other Wild River Fitness events and activities. She is also a member of the Obesity Prevention Group at the Polk County Health Department and Healthy U Committee in Osceola, WI.


Bob Whaley croppedBob Whaley, Personal Trainer

“The battle for fitness is won in the kitchen, and maintained on the gym floor.”

Bob is a personal trainer at OMC’s Wild River Fitness Center, and an accomplished cook. He also has numerous training certifications. Bob uses his past experiences in the military and as an emergency responder to incorporate techniques into his training sessions. He has built off of experience to help pass along his knowledge to others to keep them functional and enjoying life, emphasizing to never give up on what you are working towards. He also has a strong passion in life for cooking, and incorporates both nutrition and fitness into his everyday life.





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