Community Commitment

Osceola Medical Center is proud to be an integral part of our community. Our employees live here, they raise their children here and they participate in community activities here. As a vital community member we also take pride in its stewardship, from providing care for those in need to offering activities and opportunities for improving our health. This is another reason why so many people refer to us as “my OMC.”


Osceola Medical Center is committed to improving the overall health of the community through education, events and services. As mandated by the federal government, all hospitals are conducting Community Health Needs Assessments of their service areas. OMC will use information in its assessment to help improve the health of our community.

OMC has adopted the 2016 Polk County Community Health Needs Assessment, a collaborative effort of the Polk County Health Department, Amery Hospital and Clinic, Osceola Medical Center and St. Croix Regional Medical Center. These partners provided direction and leadership, shared data and engaged residents of Polk County through a series of forums and surveys to strategically help the county and local area health-care facilities create healthier communities. This CHNA will be in effect for three years.

Click here to see the complete assessment. For more information, go to http://www.healthypolkcounty.com.

Community Care Fund

OMC is committed to providing health-care services to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Our Community Care Fund helps those in need of medical services but do not have the necessary funds to pay for their costs. Funds are available to any OMC patient after all other resources of payment have been exhausted and the patient has been denied medical assistance. Funds may be available for part or all of the services rendered at OMC.

OMC evaluates each application based on certain qualifications, such as the size of the family, income, assets and other sources of payment. It is required that every other financial resource be applied for before Community Care is approved. All requests remain confidential and patients will be notified of all decisions. Community Care is specifically for medical services that are deemed medically necessary. OMC’s program excludes care given elsewhere and services that would have qualified for insurance coverage if received at another facility.

Application forms are available at OMC from our financial counselors and patient advocate. Applications must be filled out completely by the applicant. We treat all Community Care requests personally and keep all information confidential. Any decision will be communicated directly to the applicant.

If you feel you are in need of financial assistance, we encourage you to apply for this fund. For more information, call one of our financial counselors or patient advocate at 715-294-2111 or 888-565-4662.